Top 50 Mom You Need To Check Out So You Know Uncategorized INSTALL A baby SWIMMING pool


Rookie dad and I took pleasure in some kicking back time in our backyard this weekend as Julian was absolutely occupied with his swimming pool and some plastic mugs and mixing bowls. I highly suggest this activity.

Set up a baby pool in backyard with a few inches of water and some plastic cups. get hold of a swim diaper or introduce Junior to the art of skinny dipping. considering that you’re a great mom, I don’t need to tell you how closely this activity needs to be supervised.

If you believe my kid appears like a superhero in this picture, it’s because he is using his odd sunsuit (AKA the Supersuit). I am a big fan of this product.

I also want to mention that I complied with my own advice, and when my friend Sharon called me from Walgreens to ask if I needed anything, I told her I needed a $10 baby pool. Done.

Let us also mention that where we live, a lot of people don’t have pools.

Amazon has a large variety of inflatable kiddie swimming pools; I also really like the hardside ones because they are much easier to dump out and keep from getting all moldy. but just go to your closest CVS or Walgreens and buy a cheap one, eh?

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