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Four things I’ve learned from My kids

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the years go by I’ve learned a lot from all of my children.  viewing them play,  and interact with each other has helped me grow as a person and become a better parent.  below are four things that I have absorbed while raising my five kids.

1. Treasure the moments while they are still little.

My mother has told me several times that I need to delight in my kids while they are still small because they grow up too quickly.  because I have a fifteen year old I understand this all too well.  over the years I have come to ask myself, “Did I play with her enough when she was small? Do I have plenty of photos of her when she was little? Does she have good memories from her childhood?  If I made any mistakes raising her I do not want to repeat them with my other four.  I make an attempt to play with my little ones every single day.  We play with automobiles and trucks, sing, dance, play cooking games, and do art and craft projects.  I know that I am creating long lasting memories for my children during our play time.

We are so fortunate to live in the digital age. Cameras are attached to phones and other electronic devices making it easy and convenient for busy mothers like me to take photos of and videos of their kids every single day.  even though a lot of my photos do not turn out very well, I am capturing memories.  I’ve also thought about starting a diary so I can record all the funny things that they do and say every day.

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2. A messy house is a pleased home.

I used to clean and do housework on a daily basis.  but when I did this I was left with very little totally free time.  If the house meet up to my standards I was not fun to be around.  I’ve tried to encourage my kids to help me keep a tidy home by turning it into a game or gratifying them.  My kids are common and they don’t delight in chores.  now I put up with dishes in the sink, toys scattered around the house and unmade beds.  now that I don’t tension about my untidy home I have much more time to have fun and delight in my children.  Our home is a lot much more serene and everyone is happy.

3. My kids are all different and I shouldn’t compare them to each other.

I am still trying to ideal this one.  many parents probably do this without realizing it.  Johnny loves school and gets good grades but little brother Timmy hates school and does everything he can to get out of doing his homework. A parent of those two young boys would have a challenging time not saying to Timmy, “A bad report card again! Why can’t you be much more like your brother!”  When I was a kid my parents didn’t compare us kids too much, but I continuously compared myself to my siblings.  I was always hard on myself and it effected my esteem.  Every child is distinct and special and we ought to offer words of praise and encouragement embracing their differences.

4. I’m not the ideal parent and I never will be.

It doesn’t matter how numerous parenting books and blogs that I read. I can use every suggestion out there but I still will not be the ideal parent and I will never have the ideal kids.  I run into different challenges each and each day with my kids. You can not discipline all your kids the same.  Parenting is a learning process and you can only do so much to help your kids grow and develop their character.

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When my youngest turns eighteen I think I will look back and say, “I did alright.”

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