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Why My Kids Don’t State “I Dislike You”

There are three words that you will certainly never listen to in our home …

” Simply Wait Up Until it Takes place to You”

” Just wait until it takes place to you. It might. And also it’ll bring you to your knees in all your self righteousness.”– this is a viewers remark I received a couple of months ago on this message.

Funny how an article concerning mentor youngsters to talk kindly to each other can sometimes draw out such unpleasant responses!

I originally created this blog post in 2015. I was a new blog writer and also a semi-new moms and dad.

My stepdaughter Lilu was 7 at the time as well as we ‘d just included a brand-new child to the family earlier that year.

Y’ all I’m no place near an excellent moms and dad. In some cases I feel like I’m simply winging it!

However I do have specific sentences, and also this is one point I feel really highly about. And I’m below to report that 6 years later on, our children (there are 3 of them currently) STILL do not claim these 3 words …


Nope. That’s a difficult no.

We do not say those 3 words in our home.

As a teen, I’m rather sure I informed my mother I despised her a great deal. Of course I really did not imply it. I just said it to hurt her feelings.

Recalling I recognize that was rather lame.

I understand it would squash me if my children informed me that they despise me. So I have actually made it a point to maintain those 3 words out of our vocabulary and also out of our house.

Why My Youngsters Do Not Say “I Dislike You”

I am confident that our ladies will not say that they hate us because it is not something my husband and also I say to each various other.


We don’t also say that we dislike other people, or areas, or things, or whatever.

I won’t assert that I’m ideal and also I have actually never ever slid, as a result of course I have! But only in private. (The automobile is a remarkable area for airing vent!).

I beware not to even whisper that word “hate” in front of the girls since I understand they are paying attention to every single point that comes out of our mouths, also if it doesn’t seem like they are taking note.

I make sure that our ladies have heard other children speak inappropriately or make use of mean language– really did not most of us find out the “poor words” at school?

Periodically the kids will evaluate the waters in the house to gage our reaction– and a gentle, but firm reminder is all it takes to remind them that specific words are not acceptable in our house.

Well, in fact my oldest little girl did state the word “hate” when …

” Mom, I only want an Elsa birthday party this year. I hate Anna.”.

Despite the fact that it was so innocent and I wished to laugh, I did insist that my after that 7-year-old discover a far better means to share her preference for her favored Icy princess.

And that was all it took. I have yet to hear her state the word because.

To every Their Own, Yet in Our Home “Hate” is Not Cool.

Every household has different assumptions of appropriate language as well as behavior.

Probably I’m dating myself, however I remember when Ozzy Osborne’s truth TELEVISION program very first aired and being astonished at how they cursed ALL the time as well as at each various other. It was no big deal to them, however it was something that we simply really did not perform in my house, and that is something that carried with me to adulthood (minus those couple of defiant years).

Consulting with regard and without foul language is something that is essential to my husband and I, and we wish that by establishing an example with each other, it will “stick” with the women.

” You Simply Wait …”.

So back to that original remark …

Look, I can not promise that my girls will never ever say that they despise something. Or me.

I suggest, I hope not … however the adolescent years are coming so who knows. My girls are their own individuals, with sensations and point of views that may not constantly pair up exactly with my own.

What I DO understand is that my husband and I have actually laid the structure for speaking with kindness. As well as I wish that by seeing our example, my girls will choose kindness as well.

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